Sony to Release a ‘Pro’ Version of the PlayStation 5 This Year after Cutting Outlook

PlayStation fans, gear up! Speculations are rife about the “Pro” version of PlayStation 5 coming after the current model delayed its launch by a couple of months after Sony lowered its sales forecast for the existing model. Is a powerful console next?

Cutting Outlook, Sparking Rumors:

Sony revised its PlayStation 5 sales target for the fiscal year, considering that fewer units will be sold than the previously projected figure. This unexpected action put the company’s strategy for next-generation products under speculation. The noise of the “PlayStation 5 Pro” rumors is heard, implying a possibility of the second half of the 2024 release of the upgraded console.

What to Expect From the Pro?

While official details remain scarce, analysts predict the PS5 Pro could offer:

Enhanced Processing Power: Faster CPU and GPU for more fluid gameplay and visuals.

4K or 8K Support: Higher resolution possibilities for next-gen gaming experiences.

Improved Cooling: Enhanced thermal management for quieter working conditions and better results.

Potential Price Bump: This one will cost more than the normal PlayStation 5.

Grand Theft Auto VI Connection:

Some analysts see the Pro release as a sign of “Grand Theft Auto VI,” which is coming out in 2025. The Pro can provide the processing required to handle this resource-intensive title.

Is it happening?

Consider these rumors with a pinch of salt. Sony remains silent; even experts haven’t confirmed their predictions. The coincidence of this price drop and the “GTA VI” rumors makes for a really interesting story.

What’s Next?

Sony’s official E3 2024 showcase will be on in June. This is the opportunity to showcase the PlayStation 5 Pro, put rumors to rest, or keep us guessing until more announcements.

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