Devin AI, an AI software engineer, can handle coding projects end-to-end

The new AI software engineer causing unease on Twitter can automatically fix any errors in code. It can write complex codes and correct them, as would a programmer. Cognition is an AI company that developed the “Devin” model.

Cognition, backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, former Twitter exec Elad Xu, and Doordash founder Tony Xu, has raised $21 million. OpenAI Copilot’s AI-based code assistant has been around for a while, but Devin, who is responsible for the entire software development process, raises the bar.

Devin could change the game in AI-assisted programming if Cognition is right. Artificial Intelligence is destined to serve as something other than a second-class software engineer but to develop into a self-sufficient one. Scott Wu, the founder of this company, claims that Devin can plan and perform complex engineering tasks in a safe environment using tools like code editors and web browsers.

Someone can guide Devin via chat. After creating and testing the code, the AI fixes the bugs, maps the solution, and recreates the code. AI software engineers update you in real-time about any changes. Devin is available to help with any issues.

Wu showed off Devin’s skills in a recent blog, from deploying websites and web applications to fine-tuning large language models using GitHub repositories.

The SWE Bench test, which measures AI’s capability to solve real-world open-source issues on GitHub, may be its greatest achievement. Devin solved 13 86% of the cases independently, compared with figures such as 4 8% for Claude and 3.97% for SWE-Llama.

Cognition is hoping to release Devin to select clients soon. Cognition seems to see coding only as the beginning and that it can leverage “long-term planning and reasoning” to develop AI workers in other fields.

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