AI Technologies Make History: UN Passes First Global Resolution on AI

The UN General Assembly adopted a historic resolution on AI Technologies to encourage AI technology’s ethical and safe development worldwide.

193 UN Member States unanimously approved the UN AI Regulation on the 21st of March. For the first time, the UN established international standards and AI guidelines.

The resolution of eight pages calls for creating “safe safe, secure and reliable” AI technologies that respect fundamental and human rights. The resolution calls on member states and other stakeholders not to deploy AI in violation of the international AI standards.

Some of the key elements of the resolution are:

  • Public education regarding AI’s advantages and potential risks
  • Intensifying investments and capacities for AI Research and Development.
  • Transparency and privacy protection within AI Systems.
  • Resolving bias and diversity issues In AI data and algorithms.
  • The resolution encourages government officials to formulate policies and safeguards for their national institutions and moral AI standards for development. The United Nations is encouraging its institutions to provide technical support to countries in need. This will help these nations overcome any challenges they may face. The goal is to ensure that all countries have access to the necessary resources to succeed.

“The resolution adopted today outlines a plan for countries to address AI’s potential benefits and challenges. AI,” said Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor.

“The international AI collaboration roadmap aims to ensure fair and safe AI access, reduce risks, and combat misuse, unfairness, and discrimination.”

The UN resolution comes after several international initiatives to regulate the rapid growth of the AI sector over ethical and security issues.

EU passed the AI Act to govern AI based on risks across 27 nations. The investigation into antitrust issues related to AI is currently underway for major tech firms.

President Biden signed an executive decree in the year 2000, establishing a national AI policy focusing on security and safety in the US.

With advancing AI technologies, the United Nations has pledged to ensure ethical progress that serves humanity.

“Sullivan stated that the resolution supports AI capacity-building and sustainable development in emerging countries, developed by private sector and civil society experts.”

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